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Auction Services

Auction Services


My services include:

Q: Why would anyone hire someone else to manage their vehicle auction instead of doing it themselves?
A: To earn more with less hassles.

As a professional with a track record of successfully representing sellers, I bring:

  1. The experience to accurately and dynamically write the ad for the vehicle,
  2. The expertise in Ebay auctions to effectively use the tools available to your advantage,
  3. The dedicated time to effectively market and bring the auction to closure with a favorable result,
  4. The feedback rating and successful history to provide confidence necessary to attract bidders

Without all four of these skills, you’re likely to benefit by hiring a listing agent to market your vehicle. Plus, if you are a local seller, I offer my photography skills to capture numerous quality digital images for use in the auction.

Sellers benefit from my honesty, integrity and reputation so I cannot work with just any person. I request that each seller I represent is truthful with both me and the buyer. In addition, the vehicle in question must be one that is reliable with as much service history as possible.

My fees are extremely reasonable. Your only up-front fees are $150 for the initial Ebay listing. Re-listing the same item will also cost $150 (ebay recently raised their listing rates). I only get paid a commission when your car sells. My fee is a 8% of the selling price or $850, whichever is higher. I do not require exclusivity so you are free to be selling the car on your own or through other channels. Simply notify me immediately in case your vehicle becomes unavailable. Please note that these rates only apply to vehicles. If you would like to discuss listing services for “unique collectibles or watches,” simply contact me for rates.

As an added bonus, if your vehicle was not sold as a result of the Ebay listing, it will be listed on my website at no extra charge until it is sold.

I pride myself on offering a highly personal and professional service for the seller. I have built a reputation for offering a unique blend of exotic, limited production, special interest and muscle cars on Ebay. I also am happy to work with an individual wishing to sell nearly any vehicle as long as it and the seller meet the standards listed above. The seller is required to sign a seller’s agreement plus pay listing fees before the listing begins.

Buyers periodically look with anticipation for my listing page. I hope that I can include your vehicle in my auctions and I hope to be able to bring your auction to closure with a Win – Win outcome for both buyer and seller.

Be sure to visit the Testimonials section to see what happy buyers and sellers had to say about my service.

Thank you,
Ron Susser

Ron specializes in the classic 1957 -1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
Ron specializes in the classic 1957 -1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

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