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Thanks for the jacket looking forward to wearing in the fall


Thanks again Ron – my wife loves the bag!!


I love it and am so happy it is here!!


The pen arrived safely today, it is immaculate, many thanks indeed, much appreciated.


Go the hoodie today – thank you!! I l love it!!


Finally got it today. It’s freaking awesome! Been a Redskins fan since 83 and I’ve always wanted one but too expensive and hard to find. Thanks again.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Vader arrived a little while ago and it’s PERFECT! Great addition to my man-cave.

Appreciate you…


Just to let you know the two ombre sweaters arrived safely in the UK. Aren’t they fabulous! You were right this was my lucky day. Many thanks for posting so quickly and carefully.


The shirt arrived. It’s fantastic.


Just wanted to thank you and i’m in love with the fleece!
I will regularly check if you have other fleeces like this for sale!

- Alix – buyer of a Giant fleece pullover

Hi. Jordan’s arrived today. They’re excellent. Thanks. Regards Jonathan.

- Jonathan – Buyer of Jordan Space Jams

Another happy customer – Thanks Michael.  Enjoy!!

- Michael – New owner of a 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder

Love this coat…perfect for cold CitiField weather.


I am pleased to inform you that the Mark II arrived unscathed from its journey North!
And you were right – it did exceed my expectations. Her and I will get along just fine!

And I would be happy to assure any of your “would be” clients that you can be depended upon to make a fair representation of the vehicle you are selling.

You may assure the seller we will give this fine old automobile a very comfortable (heated and air conditioned) home and we’ll give it the love and care it deserves.

- Jim – Buyer of a 1956 Continental Mark II

You’re a lifesaver!  My son is going to be sooooo excited that I got these!


See picture – I’m a happy guy!!

- Malcolm – Buyer of a 2007 Range Rover

Thank you so much, Ron! My son is going to love it! He’s a die-hard Vikings fan and all he wants is a “letterman” jacket.:Thank you so much, Ron! My son is going to love it! He’s a die-hard Vikings fan and all he wants is a “letterman” jacket.:)

- Liz – Buyer of a Minnesota Vikings letterman jacket

Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

- Larry – Buyer of a 1968 911 Soft Window Targa Project

FJ arrived last night.  Everything looks as advertised and expected.  Thank you.

- Thomas – Buyer of a 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser (9 Miles)

The shipping was very fast. It’s a wonderful and very pretty tie.  Thanks a lot.

- Paul – Buyer of a Santana tie

Finally replaced the boards and E-Proms. IT WORKS!!!!!! Thanks for allowing a way to keep my uncles memory alive and keep making music. On your board the record LED was bent and touching, thus it short circuited the EPROMs that hold the Yamaha setup files and the loop started. It would be so hard to find new ones, it took 9 years for me to find you lol. Thanks again

- Gregory – Buyer of a Yamaha Synthesizer

Hello Ron,,,hey mate…thanx for the fantastic looking jacket ok!!! it’s probably the best looking jacket I’ve ever seen….have this feeling that when I wear it out on friday & saturday nights that I’m gonna get a few people yet again wanting to buy my jacket off me lol..but hell no way,,,I’m keeping this one & thats final!!! cheers heaps mate,,,best wishes & kind regards from Steve down in Brisbane,Australia……..

- Steve- Buyer of Nascar Amp Jacket

The 912 is EPIC!!  I’m very happy.

- Toni – Buyer of a 1968 Porsche 912 Swedish Rally Car

YOU are the ultimate gentleman ! Thank you for your quick and kind response to me. I look forward to purchasing again from you in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & your loved ones !

- Dennis – Buyer of a Marshall Thompson photo

Got the car Ron. Its a sweet car! Love it. Thanks Ron

- Steve – Buyer of a 1970 Cuda AAR

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