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About RonSusser

About RonSusser

What drives my auctioning success is clearly my passion for cars. As an automobile enthusiast my entire life, I have owned Porsches for as long as I could drive and have been an active member of the Porsche club of America for over twenty five years. In 2006, I switched to Ferrari and it’s been a real thrill ride.  I  owned a 1989 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet with about 29,500 miles – it has to be one of the nicest on the planet.  * To see my former Ferrari, click here

In 2014, I purchased a 2005 Maserati Gran Sport Spyder 90th anniversary.  Only 90 cars were produced for North America.  This car is #53 of 90.  Super condition and one owner for all of it’s life until I purchased it.  * To view my Maserati GranSport 90th Anniversary Spyder, click here

My experience as an Ebay specialist dates back to 1998. I knew early on that it would be a great venue for buying and selling nearly anything and I invested time to understand and perfect the process, both as a seller and a buyer.


In 2000, I took my Ebay expertise to the next level and began to offer complete listing and brokering services. Both buyers and sellers appreciate my extremely personal and professional services as demonstrated by their testimonials. I have already sold well over 300 vehicles for clients thus far utilizing creative ads, value added links along with sharp pictures.

My performance and top rankings can be attributed to three characteristics of my personality-commitment to deliver results, reputation for honesty and quality service, and mediation of negotiations where both parties win.

My commitment to the seller is to represent him/her with the highest level of professionalism and to bring the sale of the vehicle to closure in the shortest amount of time for the highest amount. However, there is no sale unless the purchase offer meets the seller’s reserve. It is also my commitment to answer any e-mail or correspondence in the shortest amount of time possible usually within 1-2 hours.

Ron with "Painter of the Night" artist Michael Godard.
Ron with “Painter of the Night” artist Michael Godard.

My commitment to the buyer is to represent the vehicle in an honest and complete manner. I believe that full disclosure is the only way to operate. Since my feedback record is on the line, it serves everyone’s best interest to be honest and fair.

Every question gets answered promptly, even if I need to make some contacts or do research to get the answer. You will also appreciate my assistance in closing the deal which could include support in arrangements for shipping, airport transportation, local motor vehicle issues etc.

The commission clients pay is purely based on success. It more than pays for itself in terms of getting the right buyers and the right price while also saving the seller significant time and hassles. The Auction Services section offers a more detailed explanation of my services.

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