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Mr. Ron Susser’s services were extremely useful for me. Buying a car 800 miles away, I was somewhat skeptical about the purchase. But Ron explained to the best of his ability the specifications about the car, and when I arrived to pick the car up, I was blown away.

The car was exactly what I had envisioned and more. On top of that, he arrived (I assume he took off work) where I was to pick up the vehicle and stayed until I drove away. He was more than accurate on the listing, and truly made the transaction process stress free.

I sincerely recommend and suggest using Ron if you are in the market for a high line vehicle.

- Andy – Buyer of a Porsche 911

Was the listing accurate and creative? It was perfect

>Did I conduct myself professionally with you and the buyer? Yes!

>Did I assist all parties to help the transaction conclude smoothly? As far
as I am concerned!

>Would you recommend me to other people selling high quality vehicles?

>Other comments……Worth every penny…paid for his commission 4 fold,
and I didn’t have to “deal with” all the hassles associated with putting something on Auction.

- Mark – Seller of a Porsche 911

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance
during the sale of my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee..
You conducted yourself as a true professional and made the sale of my used
vehicle a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

This was the first time I used
E-bay and your experience and insights were very assuring. The listing was very
creative and resulted in excess of 1,000 hits in the first four days.

Your assistance in screening the 100+ inquires for further information was very
helpful and permitted me the time to focus on business and other issues. The
resulting sale was at the “Buy Now” and I could not be more pleased.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others and wish you much
success in the future.

- Dave – Seller of a Jeep Grand Cherokee

In my opinion, you completed this transaction in a very professional manner.

First, the listing was very complete and accurate… and caught my eye.
Not an easy task for a jaded car shopper like me. Even more to your credit, I was not actively shopping for an Allante.

And, in the manner of an exceptional broker, you quickly put me in contact
with the seller who could more accurately and completely descrbe and show
the car. It was the seller’s passion and honesty about the car which
clinched the deal for me… but it would have never gotten to that point
had your services not been so professional.

Finally, not only would I recommend you to other buyers or sellers, I
already have.

If I can be of any help in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks again!

- Bill – Buyer of a Cadillac Allante

Just wanted to write to express my sincere thanks for selling my allante! Specialty cars can be difficult to sell…in fact I had been trying to sell mine for 3 months prior to contacting you! I can’t believe you were able to sell it in a matter of days!

As a business owner, I appreciate good customer service…your handling of our business together exemplifies great service! I especially appreciated your immediate follow-through on every aspect of the sales process.

Once again, thanks for everything and please feel free to use me as a reference for potential customers!!!

- Frank – Seller of a Cadillac Allante

The car was exactly as described and illustrated in the photos. This also means that the car was in great shape and had been cared for by the previous

– You were very professional and prompt in all your communications with me. I truly appreciated that.

– Yes – I would definitely recommend your services to friends thinking of
purchasing a car this way. This was absolutely the easiest car-buying
experience I’ve had. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about the mechanics
of a car, it’s sometimes frightening to undertake the process of car
shopping, especially for a used car. But, having the ability to review
feedback from previous customers made me more comfortable than going to a

- Kimberly – Buyer of a Saab

First, let me thank you for your help in selling our Goldwing. The sale and transfer went fine.

1. The listing was accurate, creative, and professionally laid out.

2. Your professionalism was much appreciated, however, unexpected. I guess I just figured this was a side job and would be managed less than perfectly. Clearly you put a lot into your work and exceeded my expectations.

3. The transaction went smoothly because of your assistance and dedication to performance. Again, I expected more amateur involvement so I had limited expectations.

4. I have already recommended you to several people. One has a Corvette and the other a Goldwing. I have had fun telling people of my experience selling the bike over the internet. More so, frankly I was surprised to get what I got for the bike and it’s fun to watch people’s reactions when I tell them how much I got, how the bike sold, the minimal work I had to do to sell it, and the large selling region we had to work with. (Locally you rarely think of selling a vehicle beyond the immediate area).

Again, thanks for your help. You can certainly use me as a good reference if need be. I will certainly contact you again if the need arises.

- Marty – Seller of a Honda Goldwing

Ron did an excellent job writing an accurate and creative description of my
car. I was impressed that his phone number was included for personal contact
to a potential buyer.

Ron handled over 3,000 email address hits with the ad. No way could I have handled the flow myself.

Customer Service is his specialty, perfection representing all aspects of the
transaction. Ron listens to both parties, and communicates honestly ending with success.

- Luke – Seller of 1968 Porsche 912

Was the listing accurate and creative? Yes the listing accurately reflected the conditon of the collector vehicle

Did I conduct myself professionally with you and the seller? Absolutely outstanding when dealing with a difficult buyer! Do it like that very time and you will never have a problem

Did I assist all parties to help the transaction conclude smoothly? Absolutely , see above comments,

Would you recommend me to other people selling or buying high quality vehicles? Yes indeed and in fact I might do that very soon.

Other comments – A good honest seller with accurate listing and photo’s.

- Bob – Buyer of a 1968 Porsche 912

I want to thank you again for your help. After having my Alfa Spyder advertised in the paper with no serious buyers. I went ahead and had you list it on E-bay.

Needless to say a lot of interest, the first person to see it bought it and the second person was ready to buy it if the first did not come thru. I
knew the car was nice and hated to have to sell it. but with your help it went to a good home. I will have no problem with referring you and doing more with you in the future.. Thanks

- Tom – Seller of an Alfa Romeo Spyder

I just want to thank you for the excellent assistance you gave me while purchasing the
Alfa Romeo. Your descriptions were accurate and honest, the photos also validated your
description of the car. I especially appreciated the fact they you were always available (and extremely prompt)to answer all the question and concerns that I had.

Due to your professionalism and care, this was the smoothest transaction ever. Keep up the great
job. I wish you the very best in all other endeavors! If you ever require a reference please don’t hesitate-I would refer you to any serious no- nonsense buyer in a heart-beat!

- Carolyn – Buyer of an Alfa Romeo Spyder

Was the listing accurate and creative? VERY!!

Did I conduct myself professionally with you and the seller? YES

Did I assist all parties to help the transaction conclude smoothly? Above and beyond the call of duty!

Would you recommend me to other people selling or buying high quality
vehicles? Most definitely!

Other comments. Very pleased at all responses. All answers came quickly and were very thorough. We were extremely happy with the transaction.

Thanks again, Ron!

- Ted & Mary – Buyers of a Honda Goldwing

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